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Our curriculum

  1. We provide basic job-specific competencies in;
  • Home Management.
  • Laundry cleaning, cleaning equipment, and cleaning agents.
  • Children and baby care.
  • Good personal hygiene.
  • First aid.
  • Electrical & gas safety precautions.
  1. Orient migrant workers on cross-cultural adjustment and immersion
  2. Orient migrant workers to the social, legal and political norms, values of the countries of destination.
  3. Help migrant workers to understand their rights and obligations under the contract of employment.
  4. Help migrant workers understand the obligations of the local recruitment companies
  5. Assist workers understand the. available channels of redress.
  6. Offer tips on personal safety and protection.
  7. Assist workers understand the challenges of living in a foreign country.
  8. Offer basic training in the Arabic Language.

Monitoring and supervision

PLA shall share with the Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development the training programs to enable the Ministry to perform its supervisory and monitoring role for the pre-departure orientation activities of licensed agencies who will have been assigned/agreed to work with PLA. Our training programs are opened or closed by leading government officials which validates the training programs.

Training materials

Our facility has a training space that can accommodate 150 participants per session inclusive of a model living area, kitchen and bedroom as well as equipment such as irons, kettles, fridges, cookers, microwaves etc. We use materials such as markers, flipcharts Manila paper, and visual aids like posters, games, debate cards, video recordings, and demonstration.

Happy Clients

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